Why France Line?

France Line has been providing road transport services between France and the UK since its inception in 1980. We’ve always been a specialist in transport to and from France, hence our name. Now we take that same expertise and local knowledge and apply it Europe-wide.

  • Greater reliability – 98.5% of deliveries on time*
  • No language barriers – our multilingual team and local understanding means we can resolve issues before they become problems
  • Full loads and part loads – for general and hazardous cargo
  • Standard freight and out of gauge / abnormal loads
  • Good people to work with – once you’ve given us the job, you know you can relax

Who Uses Us?

Freight Forwarders and Logistics Companies
– reliability, confidentiality and neutrality you can trust.


Manufacturers – friendly support that meets
deadlines, aids production and builds reputations.


Whether you are an English, French or European company, and whatever your company size and type, if it is business to business freight, let us help you and make your life easier.

We service manufacturers from any sectors of industry.

What do we transport ?

Full loads and part loads of commercial, industrial cargo and business to business freight, to/from France, Western and Eastern Europe.

We handle standard freight and out of gauge / abnormal loads too with a fleet of flatbed trailers, low loaders and abnormal loads trailers.

Please note: we do not handle removals and personal belongings

Contact our award winning team today by telephone on (0044) 0 161 746 8339 or by email at info@francelinetransport.co.uk to find out how we can help you.



Contact us now by telephone on (0044) 0 161 746 8339 or by email at info@francelinetransport.co.uk

*We strive for 100% but we can’t stop ferry strikes, bad weather etc. However, we can and will let you know if there are delays, because when problems occur what matters is how we solve them.